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2016 Board of Directors

    The following slate of Board of Directors was approved at the March 22, 2016, Annual General Meeting of the Friends of the Tay Watershed (followed by area or sector represented):

Taro Alps Greater Bobs & Crow Lake Assoc.; Upper Watershed
Larry Bowen * Christie Lake Association
Judy Buehler Perth, Executive Committee
Robert Cosh Otty Lake Association
Annie Dalton Tay River, Scotch Line
Carol Dillon Tay River, Glen Tay; Secretary
Jim Graff Perth Council Representative
Bill Jamieson * Perth 
David Kroetsch * Perth
Marion Letts * Upper Tay River, Treasurer
Frank Roy Perth; Vice-President
David Taylor Tay River, Glen Tay and President
Webmaster ~ Colin Stephenson

    Note: * Indicates members added to the Board subsequent to the AGM.
                Also former Board member, Sarah Anderson, has resigned from the Board subsequent to the AGM.

2016 Advisory Panel

    At the January 28, 2010 AGM, a motion was passed to establish an Advisory Panel as a means to retain the advice and expertise of former Board members and representatives of partner organizations who have a continuing interest in the Tay watershed, but who do not wish to contribute as working Board members. The following people have agreed to sit on our Advisory Panel for 2016.

Susan Brandum Rideau Environmental Action league; Past Board Member
David Crowley Perth; Past Board Member
Karen Hunt Otty Lake Association; Past Board Member
Doug James Perth; Past Board Member
Barb King Watersheds Canada
Derel Matheson Rideau Valley Conservation Authority
Richard Schooley Tay Valley Township; Area business community
Alyson Simon Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority, Past Board Member
Colin Stephenson Past Co-President
Darryl Whitehead Parks Canada, Ontario  Waterways Unit

    'We greatly appreciate the contribution of these former Directors and representatives of partner organisations as members of our Advisory Panel, in providing advice and other assistance to the association. These individuals bear no responsibility for the operation of the Association.

2015 Board of Directors

(Back L-R) Frank Roy, Taro Alps, Judy Buehler, Peggy Land, Jim Graff
(Front L-R) Carol Dillon, David Taylor, Annie Dalton, Sarah Anderson
(Missing) Ashley Edwards, Robert Cosh
At the May 12, 2015 Board Meeting

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