Details on
our guided tour down the Tay River
Saturday, June 25, 2011
Community Stewardship Council of Lanark County


Friends of the Tay Watershed Association


This will provide information on our planned paddle down the Tay, on Saturday, June 25th. 

Location:       Our tour starts at 10:00am, at Last Duel Dock, on Craig Street, at the east side of Perth.  We will have a short paddle up through the town past the market for an introduction to the historic Tay Basin, then paddle 10 kms. to Beveridges Locks.  This takes us along the Tay River for the first 40% of the trip, followed by a paddle through the provincially-significant wetland, the Tay Marsh, and ending with a run down the Beveridge channel to the locks.  Along the way, there will be short commentaries on the flora, fauna and history.

This is our first organised tour down this historic river and canal since 2008 - when we celebrated its designation, with the Rideau, as a UNESCO World Heritage Site - and the kick-off to the Tay Canal's 175th Anniversary in 2009. 


o      At the end of the tour, we will enjoy refreshments and a get-together at Beveridges Locks.

o       We will provide bus transportation back to your cars at Last Duel Park.

o       As usual, there is no cost for this trip (and no charge for the locks, thanks to Parks Canada).

o       You need only bring yourself and your canoe or kayak (plus the standard safety equipment).  We will try to help if you need a partner, or do not have a canoe and would like to offer to paddle. 

o      Kindly advise us by return e-mail to [email protected]  if you wish to participate.  Space could be limited. 

If you would like additional information on the tour, the river or the location, just let us know.  

Apologies for any duplicate messages.

Best regards,

Friends of the Tay Watershed (613-264 0094) and Community Stewardship Council of Lanark County (613-267 4200 ext. 3401)

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