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How to Become a Donor

Like most charitable organizations, the "Friends of the Tay Watershed" relies on donations to cover much of our operating expenditures. Our other sources of revenue include membership fees, fundraisers and grants. We also rely heavily on volunteer effort to carry out as much of our program as humanly possible.

Thanks to the generosity of those who care about the health of the Tay Watershed, we are able to to carry out a significant amount of work through their donations. Donations vary in size and all are appreciated and wisely utilized. Because we are a registered charitable organization, we will provide tax receipts for all donations of $10 or more.

Please consider becoming a donor to the "Friends of the Tay Watershed" to help protect the long-term health of this vital resource. We offer the following two donation alternatives for your convenience:

    1. simply send a cheque along with your name and address to:

      Friends of the Tay Watershed
      P.O. Box 2065
      57 Foster Street
      Perth, ON
      K7H 3M9
    2. if you would prefer the ease of making a secure on-line donation, you may do so through Canada Helps by clicking on the following logo:

      Donate Now Through! Note: Canada Helps is a charitable organization with a mission to provide an efficient and secure on-line payments process to other registered Canadian charities. It will provide a tax receipt to you within minutes of your donation. To cover its costs, a 3% administration fee will be deducted from your donation before transferring the funds to our account. You may learn more about Canada Helps and how it operates by clicking here.

If you have any questions about donating to the "Friends" or as to how your donation will be used, please contact Friends of the Tay Watershed by clicking here.

Just one small part of the jewel to be preserved and enhanced with your help.

Friends of the Tay Watershed is pleased to acknowledge the financial support of the following donors:

    • Dianne & Gordon Adshead
    • Graham Beck
    • Dave Crowley
    • Carol Dillon
    • Ann Drennan
    • Barbara Erb
    • Mel Fleming
    • John Gibb-Carsley
    • Fred Graves
    • Gerry Gregoire
    • Catherine and John Hoey
    • Harold Hokanson
    • Mary Elizabeth James
    • Stephan Katz
    • Nancy Kenyon
    • Cam McLeod
    • Linda & Ted Mosquin
    • Frank Roy
    • Joe Slater
    • Annette & Norbert Smith
    • Bob Sneyd
    • Colin Stephenson
    • Chris Stone
    • Janet Taylor
    • Dr Sabah & Maureen Towaij
    • Dr. Wallace Walford
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