Friends of the Tay Watershed

News Update - June 2003


    NEWS UPDATE - June 2003

    Welcome back to all seasonal members. We wish you a happy summer in the watershed.

    The purpose of this update is to keep you informed on what’s happening in the watershed and the recent activities undertaken by the Friends of the Tay Watershed on your behalf.

    Your Board of Directors has been busy keeping track of the many watershed-related initiatives taking place. The purpose is to not only to keep informed, but to also represent your interests by presenting a watershed voice. Some of the issues we have been working on are:

    • implementation of the Tay Watershed Management Plan and its 24 recommendations in conjunction with Rideau Valley Conservation Authority;
    • monitoring the groundwater study – a joint project of Rideau Valley and Mississippi Conservation Authorities; and its implications for watershed residents;
    • encouraging the development of lake management plans to ensure that lake development does not exceed the sustainable capacity of the lake;
    • supporting the new source protection for water framework: a recommendation from the Walkerton Report; and
    • promoting the development of a Discovery Centre in Perth’s Tay basin redeveloped..

    Permits to Take Water in the Watershed

    Two new permits to take water have been issued by the Ministry of the Environment in the Tay Watershed. This brings the total to 18. One new permit has been issued to Mapleview Golf and Country Club for 240,000 litres of water per day from May 15 to September 15 for the next 10 years. The water comes from Grant’s Creek which is a tributary of the Tay River near Glen Tay. The other new permit was granted to OMYA for 1,483,000 litres per day prior to January 1, 2004 and 4,500,000 litres per day after January 1, 2004 for a period of 10 years. The water comes from the Tay River at Bowes Road.

    Larry Sparks, General Manager for OMYA, advises that OMYA has not yet started to pump water from the Tay River. Although the infrastructure of the pumping station has been in place for some time, calibrating the gauges and obtaining the necessary approvals from agencies such as Environment Canada have delayed the transition. OMYA will make an announcement in the local media when it begins to pump from the river.

    Events to date in 2003

    In 2003, the FoTW have participated in Maplefest, a Lake Management Workshop, Canada Pitch-In and a Shoreline Visiting program. At Maplefest we were again fortunate to have a street location overlooking the Little Tay River. Thanks to Beavertails for letting us plug in and have power. Our purpose at Maplefest was mostly public awareness and education.

    The Lake Management Workshop was organized by the Centre for Sustainable Watersheds (CSW) in Portland. The workshop was well attended and lake associations are encouraged to get in touch with CSW early in their planning process. (613 272 5136; [email protected]).

    The FoTW jointly with FOCA (Federation of Cottage Associations) put on a seminar on Volunteers - How to Get Them and Keep Them.

    The Shoreline Visitation program is aimed at helping waterfront landowners enjoy their waterfront while protecting the water. The FoTW are partnering with EcoPerth and LL Green for this initiative. The first 50 visits will be offered to waterfront landowners in Perth and upstream along the Tay River from Perth to DeWitts Corners. We hope this is the first of a series shoreline visits throughout the watershed. For shoreline visit information contact Susan Brandum at 613 267 2390 or [email protected]

    For the first time, the Friends of the Tay Watershed participated in Canada Pitch-In – a cross-Canada clean-up program held every spring. Working with the cooperation of Tay Valley Township, several people went out to clean up the litter at a public boat ramp on the Tay River at Hanna Road. The Friends hope to make Pitch-In an annual event. If you know of a site that needs attention, please let us know.

    We had a request about fishing maps for the watershed. Apparently the good ones that used to be supplied by MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) are no longer available. However, fishing maps can be obtained through Adventure Fishing Maps on the internet and there is a detailed book available at the photo counter at the Independent IGA - Hendricks in the Perth mall on Highway 7. The book is called Fishing Ontario and costs $17.95. Bail shops, lodges and marinas and where they sell fishing licenses are also good places to check out for fishing maps.

    The Friends of the Tay Watershed were pleased to facilitate a group of rowers from Ottawa, Belleville and Mississauga who made a reconnaissance trip on the Tay River on June 15th. They will be back in September with a large group of rowers and their shells. The Tay downstream from Perth is an ideal river for rowing and we are pleased to see this new use of the river.


    We encourage you to renew your membership if you have not already done so. The Friends depend to a great extent on memberships to fund our activities. For only $5 for an individual or $10 for a family, you get active representation on watershed issues by a Board that wants what you want: clean water to enjoy forever. Please encourage your neighbours to buy a membership too. Contact Orion Clark at 613 267 4939 or [email protected]

    Dates to Keep in Mind

    June 18 Bowes Museum - Art and Helen Bowes kindly opened their private museum, on the Tay at Bowes Road, in cooperation with the Perth Historical Society.

    June 23 Public Meeting to discuss "Fish Habitat of the Tay River Watershed: Existing Conditions and Opportunities for Enhancement" Put on by the Ministry of Natural Resources, Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Rideau Valley Conservation Authority. Everyone welcome. 7:30 at the Perth Public Library

    June 23 Lanark County Trails meeting. Lanark County Administration Building, Perth at 7:00. For more information contact Cynthia Moyle at 267 4200, ext 102 or by email [email protected]

    July 26 Visit the FoTW display at Ecofest at the Stewart Park Music festival. Noon to 4:00pm. Come and celebrate the watershed with canoe and kayak demonstrations while you enjoy the music.

    August 16 Frontenac Environmental Partnerships meeting. Mark this on your calendar if you live in the upper watershed. For more information, call Joe Slater at 613 279 1167


    For more information about these or other watershed topics, please contact one of your co-chairs: