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                      Newsletter – March 2007          Volume 6, Issue 1
Our Board of Directors
For 2007
Susan Brandum
David Crowley
Annie Dalton
Carol Dillon
Jim Humphrey
Karen Hunt
Barbara King
Gordon Munroe
Jim Peden
Lynn Preston
Sheanna Tinlin
Joe Slater
Bob Sneyd
Colin Stephenson
Christopher Stone
David Taylor
Matt Craig
Lower Tay
Tay River
Little Silver
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Otty lake
Tay River
Tay River
Tay River
Our thanks to:
   Auditor: John Gibb-Carsley
   Mailings: Helen Park
   Internet mail: Marilyn Devolin
and several who assisted at all of our events:
   Frank Roy, Kevin Bowes, and
       Mel Dillon

Friends of the Tay Watershed is a non-profit , charitable association of residents, associations and other organisations interested in the welfare of the Tay watershed, located in eastern Ontario, at the top of the Rideau watershed.

We welcome your involvement in any of the association's activities. For further information and to volunteer contact Chris Stone at 613-267-1026 or [email protected]

To contact us:
P.O. Box 2065, 57 Foster St.
Perth, ON, K7H 3M9
E-mail: [email protected]

For further information:
Internet address:
Your ‘Tay Watershed Discovery Evening’
In 2006, your Board of Directors separated our annual open house – the ‘Tay Watershed Discovery Evening’ - from the annual general meeting. The open house, which has taken on a successful life of its own, was held on November 23, 2006, at the Perth Legion Hall – and was again a big draw.

In recent years, these evenings have had a theme – for this edition, it was ‘Recreation in the Watershed’. The featured speakers were author and conservationist, Max Finkelstein, with ‘Reflections on Canoeing’ and Project Officer for the Rideau Canal office, Mark Brus, on the Canal’s 175th Anniversary in 2007.

Also presented was an update on Ontario’s Clean Water Legislation, by Carol Dillon, and a review of 2006 watershed activities.

Recipients of the 2007 Environmental Awards
At the Open House, the Board announced, and congratulated, the recipients of the association’s environmental awards for 2006 to:

  1. Cameron MacLeod, of Perth, for his substantial contribution to the Tay watershed over the past eight years;
  2. ‘MAPLE’the Mutual Association for the Protection of Lake Environment in Ontario – for their significant work in maintaining our community shorelines;
  3. ecoPerth for their substantial contribution to Perth’s environment, which has been a model for other communities throughout Ontario.

See our website, for more information on these contributors to our community!!

The Watershed Exhibition and Silent Auction –
                 all the information you needed to know!

Our watershed and environment exhibition has become a popular attraction of the annual open house – and the 2006 edition was no exception. Twenty-eight organisations presented over 30 interesting and informative displays - on such wide-ranging subjects as Perth’s water supply, financial assistance programs for wells and shorelines, canoeing, hiking trails, lake management, and much, much more. One popular attraction was the silent auction with great prizes along a recreational theme. Our thanks to the exhibitors and the silent auction donors and participants for their great support and enthusiasm!

The 2006 ‘Discovery Evening’ was supported by the Town of Perth and the Community Stewardship Council of Lanark County. The exhibition area received assistance from Parks Canada and Lanark Stewardship Council. Thank you!

March 22 is World Water Day
Each year, this UN-designated day reminds us to think about the world's fresh water – its life-giving properties, its value, use and supply. The theme this year is "Coping with Water Scarcity". While it's difficult to think of water scarcity in the Tay Watershed, it's a good opportunity to think about the importance of water and what each of us can do to protect its quality and quantity.

Our Annual General Meeting -
           January 2007

For those who were unable to participate in our AGM, following is a summary report – and a quick review of our accomplishments in 2006 and plans for 2007. For the detailed minutes of the AGM, please see the ‘Friend’s’ website.

Our AGM was held on January 23, 2007, at the Perth Museum.

Your 2007 Board of Directors
Four new members were welcomed to our Board, including: Annie Dalton, Barbara King, Gordon Munroe, and Matt Craig – and Sheanna Tinlin as an alternate member.

The incoming Board thanked four outgoing Directors for their considerable contributions to the association over the years – Orion Clark, Aileen Merriam, Sulyn Cedar and Sarah Rosolen.

The Board also thanked the volunteers who have helped deliver the association’s activities – and, in particular, Helen Park, who handles our mailings, Marilyn Devolin, for distributing our Internet mail, and John Gibb-Carsley, our auditor.

Our 2006 Activities
The meeting opened with a review of the association’s activities in 2006. These are too many to list in this newsletter (again, the list is available on the website), but four areas that were emphasized were:
  1. several workshops and seminars – some in cooperation with other organisations. Examples are the ‘Land Use Planning Workshop’, in April, with Nature Ontario, and ‘Climate Change’ with Rideau Valley Field Naturalists;
  2. publishing and distribution of the Tay Times tabloid on the watershed;
  3. continuation of the Lake Management Planning Program initiative for area lakes; and, 4. minor changes to the association’s structure (eg. By-laws) and areas of work, including some additions to the 24 Tay Watershed Plan recommendations.

In 2006, your Board also adopted a position on the issue of climate change, which is expected to have substantial impact on ecological systems around the world, including the Tay Watershed. The Friends of the Tay Watershed will develop, endorse, support, recommend and implement actions to mitigate and to adapt to the effects of climate change within the watershed for the health of the watershed and its inhabitants.

Our Financial Situation
The ‘Friends’ 2006 Financial Statements showed a positive balance in 2006. The association also enjoyed considerably increased revenues - and expenditures. Our association, with its charitable status, has been the recipient of several grants for the Lake Management Planning Program, the operation of which is jointly carried out with Rideau valley Conservation Authority, Otty Lake Association, Lanark Stewardship Council, Tay Valley Township and Mississippi Valley Conservation.

We also received new revenue in 2006 from the lottery for the ‘Wee Lassie’ cedar canoe, which will be raffled in April at Perth’s Maplefest festival. Tickets for the Wee Lassie remain available through our website or by contacting the Association at the address shown above.

What are our plans in 2007? The ‘Friends’ have a busy year planned for 2007. Our objectives include, amongst other things:

  • an active role in the Lake Management Planning Program;
  • a positive contribution to the development of provincial water policy and legislation;
  • an expanded communication and education program, that provides, for example, more public information events and displays and media articles;
  • a continued focus on carrying out the recommendations of the Tay Watershed Management Plan;
  • partnering with other organisations to carrying out shared objectives.

A complete list of the proposed activities to meet these objectives is posted on our website ~ click here to view.

Some of these proposed activities will be executed only if financial and volunteer resources permit – for example, the development of a management plan specifically for the Tay River and the implementation of a high profile project, such as “Swim Again” in Perth.

Scheduled Upcoming Events in 2007 :

March 28, 2007 Screening of the film “An Inconvenient Truth”, followed by an open discussion: Council Chambers, Perth Town Hall, 7:00pm (come early as seating is limited).

April 28, 2007 FoTW will participate in Maplefest; Draw for the ‘Wee Lassie’ cedar strip canoe lottery.

June 9, 2007 FoTW will host an information booth, with entertainment, at the Tay Basin in Perth, as part of ‘‘Doors Open Perth 2007’’.

October 18, 2007 The association’s annual ‘Watershed Discovery Evening’, at the Royal Canadian Legion Hall, Perth (watch our website and future newsletters for details).

Board of Directors' meetings for 2007: March 27; June 19; September 18; November 20.

Other events will be posted on our website as they arise at .

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