Silent Auction ~ Miller's Weathervane
Provided by Rob Harrop

Rob Harrop inspired this silent auction by offering one of his creations to the Friends of the Tay Watershed, because he cares about the environment and has a passion for preserving our water. We first met up during the summer at the Crafters’ Market in the Crystal Palace in Perth, where he was showing his craft and we were selling lottery tickets on our Wee Lassie Canoe.

Rob created this beautiful one-of-a-kind weathervane, featuring a silhouette of one of mills of the Tay (Allen’s Mills) and a paddler canoeing by. The design for the silhouette was created by using computer technology and merging scanned images. The weathervane itself was created using old fashion metalworking techniques, so the final product is the result of a fusion of old and new technologies and skills, through the artist’s eye.

The weathervane is designed in such a way that it never needs lubrication. It can easily be fastened to a roof using deck screws. The lag bolts at the base can be loosened to allow the north indicator to point in the correct direction according to your compass and then re-tightened. It is important to ensure that the weathervane is installed level vertically on your roof, by using a level and tightening screws as required. If your roof is not level, it may be necessary to use shims under the base.

Rob Harrop specializes in artistic metalworking, including yard and garden accessories, weathervanes, blacksmithing, metalworking and welding. He can be reached at 613-353-7818 or [email protected]

Please plan to take part in this great fund raiser, which takes place at the "Friends" Watershed Discovery Evening:

6:30 to 9:30 pm
Thursday, November 23, 2006
Royal Canadian Legion
26 Beckwith St., E. (lots of Parking!)
Perth, Ontario

For further information:
[email protected]     or     Telephone: 613-264-0094