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Bald eagles along the St. Lawrence topic of next RVFN meeting



By Judy Buehler

Rideau Valley Field Naturalists


Bald eagles began nesting on the St. Lawrence River, in the 1000 Islands area, in 1999 after nearly a 60-year absence. Many regional residents and organizations including the St. Lawrence Bald Eagle Working Group and St. Lawrence Islands National Park have been working to monitor the activities of these eagles, and to increase their population.


One of these people is Bud Andress, Park Warden.  For over 36 years, Bud has worked at St. Lawrence National Park and is Canadian Co-chair for the St. Lawrence Bald Eagle Working Group. Conducting eagle censuses, installing nesting platforms, and conducting transmitter studies, are just a few of the projects the working group undertakes.  The Rideau Valley Field Naturalists will have Bud as their guest speaker at their general meeting on Sunday, Sept. 9th,   to talk about their progress with the eagles. Join us for this meeting…and until then you can track the eagles online through ‘Eagle Tracker’ on the Bird Studies website at www.bsc-eoc.org.     


The general public is invited to join the RVFN for their meeting at 2 p.m., Sun., Sept. 9th, in the All-Purpose Room at the Perth and District Indoor Swimming Pool on Wilson Street at Sunset Boulevard.   There is a small admission fee of $5.00 for non-members.


Over the summer, many RVFN members have been working on a butterfly garden at the Perth Wildlife Reserve.  The garden is now in full bloom and attracting many varieties of butterflies and moths. Take a drive, or better a bike ride, out to the reserve, and enjoy! The garden, on your right about 100 metres before the parking lot, is entered through a farm gate near the pond. 


For more information about the RVFN, contact Judy Buehler at 326-0106.