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When you turn on your tap in Carleton Place, Perth or Smiths Falls, out comes safe municipal drinking water. Did you know this water comes from the Mississippi River, Tay River and Rideau River respectively? Water from these rivers is treated, tested and piped out to local homes and businesses. New studies aim to keep drinking water even safer by reducing potential sources of pollution upstream of these municipal Water Treatment Plant intakes.


Three open houses are fast approaching to hear more about these new studies. Find out:

·        Where your municipal drinking water is taken out of the river;

·        What area drains into these rivers upstream of the water treatment plant intake;

·        What types of land uses could pose a contamination threat if located in these areas; and

·        What types of land use policies could be implemented to address these threats.


April 26

Perth Civitan

6787 Highway 43

4pm to 8pm

Presentation at 6:30pm

April 27

Smiths Falls Legion

7 Main Street East

4pm to 8pm

Presentation at 6:30pm

April 29

Carleton Place Arena

75 Neland Street

4pm to 8pm

Presentation at 6:30pm


These open houses are being co-hosted by the Towns of Carleton Place, Perth and Smiths Falls and the Mississippi-Rideau Source Protection Region. Our goal is to share new study findings with local residents and gather their feedback. Study findings (including maps of the study areas) are also posted on our web site at and your written comments would be appreciated by May 3, 2010


These studies were completed under Ontario’s Clean Water Act. They show where extra care needs to be taken to protect local municipal drinking water sources. The findings will be used by the Mississippi-Rideau Source Protection Committee, in collaboration with local municipalities, to draft land use policies by 2012 to address potential threats.


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More information:      Sommer Casgrain-Robertson                                                                                                        

Co-Project Manager, Mississippi-Rideau Source Protection Region

613-692-3571 or 1-800-267-3504 ext 1147                                                                                 [email protected]