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Major Activity Areas for 2005


  • Watershed Management Plan implementation.
  • The keystone of the association, the Plan will continue to receive focused attention to move forward its recommendations. The gaps identified in 2004 will be followed up, and the third annual review meeting held with stakeholders. The Plan’s recommendations will be reviewed and updated if necessary to reflect recent developments and priorities, eg. source water protection; sub-watershed plans.

  • Stewardship, education and public activities.
  • FoTW will extend public awareness of the watershed and involve surrounding communities, schools, clubs, NGOs and other organizations in programs and activities that will increase a broader sense of stewardship. There is need for this increased awareness at all levels of the community - public, school and official levels. Ideas for carrying this out include completion of the Tay Tabloid, more media articles and a possible river-related event.

  • Celebrate the Tay
  • There is a need to increase public awareness of the many economic and social benefits of the watershed and its water resources, as well as the opportunities offered – including recreation – by the Tay River, Canal, and the watershed lakes. The planned activities will include assistance in promoting development of the Tay Trail and Corridor, continuation of the ‘Canoe the Tay’ pamphlet, cooperation in producing a photographic record of the water bodies (including Tay mills), promotion of expanded use of public wetlands, and participation in the Rideau Canal 175th anniversary celebrations.

  • Municipal liaison
  • Local municipalities have responsibility for many areas that impact on the watershed. There is need to maintain contact with and input to water-related questions, to provide support, assistance and education as need arises, eg. Perth water quality.

  • Networking with other organizations with an interest in the watershed.
  • To accomplish the association’s goals, there is need to maintain and expand cooperation with other organizations with similar interests, including NGOs, associations, government agencies, etc., through information and membership exchange, participation at meetings, etc. FoTW will also expand its information base for official contacts with key government agencies, ministries, and other organizations.

  • Association administration and management
  • Ongoing management, administration and financial activities are necessary to maintain and build the association. Activities in support of these will continue to include promotion of memberships, fund-raising, pursuit of grants – directly and in support of other organisations’ initiatives – and the sourcing of the skills needed to carry these out.

Specific Month-by-month Activities in 2005 1

  • FoTW first quarterly Board Meeting for 2005
  • Submitted comments on REAL business plan
  • Attended RVCA Upper Board meeting
  • Attended Tay Valley Township meeting in support of RVCA presentation
  • Submitted comments to Environmental Commissioner of Ontario about updates to Environmental Bill of Rights
  • Attended several meetings pertaining to production of watershed tabloid
  • Reviewed Tay Management Plan and contributed comments to gap analysis
  • Attended CELA/MOE meeting on Source Water Protection in Toronto
  • Participated in first meetings of Steering Committee for developing the Tay Corridor in Perth


  • Submitted comments to Ministry of the Environment on Source Water Protection proposed legislation
  • Promoted and attended OMYA public meeting regarding report of water taking from the Tay River
  • Wrote letter of support for Centre for Sustainable Watersheds application for EcoAction funding for a water stewardship project
  • Provided letter of support for PDCI ‘Adopt a River’ program
  • Cooperated with Tay Valley Township in production of leaflet on watershed
  • Initiated search for funding of a lake management program, in cooperation with Otty Lake Association


  • Submitted application for Trillium grant for lake management; Obtained two grants:
  • $500 from Lanark Stewardship Council; $1000 from Rideau Lake Environment Foundation
  • Served on committee developing Tay Corridor in Perth
  • Submitted comments to EBR Registry regarding water taking from the Jock River


  • FoTW second Board Meeting for 2005
  • Organized and participated in Canada Pitch In
  • Sponsored a student worker through cooperation with RVCA
  • Co-sponsored with Perth Chamber of Commerce a local information session on Parks Canada 175th anniversary and UNESCO world heritage site designation
  • Presented a display and information booth at Maplefest
  • Organised tour of Grants Creek (to consider trail potential)


  • Took second series of aerial photos of Tay watershed, in cooperation with pilot Jim Humphrey and RVCA


  • Initiated photo series "Mills of the Tay" in cooperation with Lanark Camera Club


  • Attended Otty Lake AGM and presented FoTW display & information table
  • Attended "About Being Green" in Lanark Village in cooperation with L.L. Green
  • Presented an information table at the GB&CLA AGM
  • Received donation of an original St Lawrence skiff from Nancy Kenyon
  • Hiring of Program Manager for LMP
  • Receipt of first ‘tranche’ of three-year grant from Trillium for LMP


  • Sent letter of congratulations to new Environment Minister Laurel Broten
  • Submitted comments to the Council of Great Lakes Governors on the Great Lakes Annex
  • Commenced organization of funding request for a shoreline/wetlands demonstration site at Tay Valley Township, in cooperation with Twp. and EcoScapes.


  • FoTW third Board of Directors meeting for 2005
  • Helped organize and attended presentation of Trillium grant for lake management
  • Served on ongoing ENGO Water Advisory Committee regarding new Source Water Protection legislation


  • Attended RVCA meeting in Perth about new "Generic" regulations
  • Participated in Centre for Sustainable Watersheds’ Lake Links workshop in Perth
  • Board of Directors participated in a tour of Perth water and sewage works
  • Attended joint RVCA meeting of Upper & Middle Boards
  • Delegate participated in OMAFRA workshop on insurance for NGOs
  • Initiated study documenting the dams in the Tay watershed


  • Held annual watershed exhibition, meeting and AGM (November 22, 2005)
  • First showing of ‘Mills of the Tay’ photo series (Lanark Camera Club)


  • Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday!

Ongoing activities through all or part of 2005

  • Follow up activity addressing the recommendations of the Tay River Watershed Management Plan
  • Support for development of lake sub-watershed plans
  • Endorsement of related programs and activities, Centre for Sustainable Watersheds’ Lake Links;
  • Dissemination of information on water resources (information service)
  • Continued effort towards improvement of Tay River quality in Town of Perth
  • Participation in related committees and support organisations such as Rideau Valley Conservation Authority’s Rural Clean Water Program and Upper Board.
  • Response and assistance to:
    • Student environmental program information requests (Carleton, Ottawa U., York, Queens, Trent, U of Toronto)
    • Enquiries from the community on a range of watershed issues, such as well problems
  • Expansion and maintenance of association web site -
  • Participation in planning and implementing regional Envirothon competition for 5 secondary schools
  • Input into municipal policy, bylaws and site applications for water issues
  • Input into Lanark County Recreational Trails sub-committee
  • Participation in MAPLE activities: cutting, potting days

Note 1 ~ Glossary of acronyms:
    • FoTW – Friends of the Tay Watershed
    • LMP – Lake Management Planning Program (for the Tay watershed region)
    • OMAFRA - Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food
    • REAL- Rideau Environmental Action League
    • RVCA – Rideau Valley Conservation Authority

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