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2003 Activities of
Friends of the Tay Watershed

Ongoing Activities through all or part of year:

1.   Promotional activity on the part of the FoTW and other watershed stakeholders in carrying out the recommendations of the Tay River Watershed Management Plan, including (amongst others):
  • Development of Discovery Centre concept for the Tay Basin in the Town of Perth
  • Encouragement of individual lake associations in developing lake sub-watershed plans
  • Dissemination of information on activities and events related to water resources to members of FoTW (information service)
  • Continued effort towards a program aimed at improving Tay River water quality in the Town of Perth

2.   Participation in related committees and watershed support organizations:
  • RVCA's Watershed Watch programme for Christie Lake (8 data collection dates, ending Oct. 6)
  • RVCA Steering Committee of Clean/Rural Water Program
  • Meetings of the RVCA's Upper Board of the Rideau Watershed

3.   Response and assistance to:
  • Student environmental program information requests (University of Ottawa, Queen's, Carleton, Trent, and York Universities)
  • Enquiries from the community on a range of watershed issues, such as well problems

4.   Expansion of linkages with related organizations (eg. Ottawa River Waterkeeper; Jock River Association; watershed lake associations)

5.   Maintenance of website,

6.   Monitoring of EBR postings for permit requests for water, quarries, etc.

7.   Participated in planning and implementing regional Envirothon competition for 5 secondary schools

 »  Participation in seminar on Water Quality Protection, presented by RVCA and other conservation authorities (Lombardy)
 »  Published newsletter for FoTW members
 »  Provided input to Township policy development on groundwater pollution from derelict vehicles (Property Standards By-Law)
 »  Attended planning meeting for Lake Management Plans
 »  Participation in workshop sponsored by the Trillium Foundation on applying for grants (Portland)
 »  FoTW Board member participated in Nutrient Management Act seminar (Carleton Place)
 »  Two FoTW Board members participated in a workshop with the Environmental Commissioner's Office (Kemptville)
 »  Presented opinion on floodplain policy of Town of Perth and RVCA, emanating from variance request
 »  Presentation to Perth Probus Club on the Tay River watershed
 »  Provided input into property standards by-law, Tay Valley Township
 »  Presented booth at Perth's Maplefest, in cooperation with LL Green
 »  Provided written opinion on shoreline development in the Town of Perth
 »  FoTW participated in Pitch-In Canada Week; organized the clean-up of a boat ramp on the Tay River at Hanna Rd. (site chosen because of a complaint at the FoTW booth during the Tay Valley Township's open house in 2002)
 »  Provided input to Tay Valley Township on budget at a public meeting
 »  FoTW member attended a 2-day workshop on the new Source Water Protection Act (Toronto)
 »  Co-sponsor of the Lake Management Workshop with the Centre for Sustainable Watersheds; presented workshop session on "Volunteers - Getting Them and Keeping Them", in cooperation with FOCA-Perth
 »  Input to Town of Perth presentation for the Discovery Centre
 »  Provided input to Friends of Ontario Recreational Trails and local business plans for Lanark County trails
 »  Partnered with LL Green and EcoPerth in the Tay River Shoreline Project, which targeted 50 residences along the Tay River: 25 in Perth and 25 along Christie Lake Road
 »  Joined with Perth Historical Society to tour the private Bowes Museum located on the Tay River at Bowes Road
 »  Newsletter for FoTW members
 »  Attended Shoreline Stewardship Meeting, sponsored by RVCA
 »  Participated in meetings involving Stantec Designs for Lanark Highlands and Area for water/sewage/septage
 »  Participated in invasive species workshop, Queen's University Biological Station (Stewardship Council sponsor)
 »  Attended Ministry of Natural Resources public presentation on Study of Fish Habitat of the Tay River Watershed: Existing Conditions and Opportunities for Enhancement
 »  Partnered with EcoPerth to present Ecofest in conjunction with the Steward Park Music Festival
 »  Cooperated with RVCA in first meeting of stakeholder organizations in the Tay River Watershed Management Plan; presented review of FoTW activities in carrying out the Plan
 »  Provided information and arranged media coverage for rowers from Ottawa, Toronto, and Burlington to launch from Last Duel Park (Perth) and row to Ottawa
 »  Presented display table and participated in Bobs and Crow Lakes Association Annual General Meeting
 »  Construction of artificial loon nesting platforms and signage to accommodate changing water levels on Christie Lake
 »  Three FoTW Board members attended the inaugural Frontenac Environmental Partnership meeting (Sharbot Lake)
 »  Two FoTW Board members attended a meeting with Queen's University Professor Kevin Hall to learn more about the research being conducted in the Tay Watershed over the next 4 years by the Centre for Water and the Environment (Kingston)
 »  Assisted, through briefings and tours, Professor Roger Needham and students from the University of Ottawa who spent a week in the Perth area preparing for a year-long project for a Geography course in Resource Management and using the Tay Watershed as a case study
 »  Presentation on the Tay Watershed to rowing clubs from several cities
 »  Six FoTW members participated in the cross-Canada Shoreline Clean-up Project; cleaned up shoreline at Haggart's Dam in Perth (chosen because of a complaint)
 »  FoTW partnered with several other area environmental groups in presenting a booth at the conservation area of the International Plowing Match (Carleton Place)
 »  Participated in "Stop the Slide" workshop presented by R.E.A.L. (Smith Falls)
 »  Two FoTW Board members attended the official opening of the Meisel Woods Conservation Area and dedication of Sandi Slater Memorial Walk; this conservation area is the first in the upper Tay River watershed
 »  Five members of the FoTW Board participated in Lanark County Visioning exercise to ensure strategic plans include the environment
 »  Partnered with CMAG and 5 lake associations to organize all-candidates meetings for municipal elections for the Tay Valley Township and presented candidate questions in TVT and Perth
 »  Attended Lanark Groundwater Study Results presentation (Lanark)
 »  Organization of the AGM
 »  Commencement of organization of speakers for winter session
 »  Participated in cutting preparations for shoreline planting (with M.A.P.L.E.)
 »  Held the Friends of the Tay Watershed Annual General Meeting on December 1, 2003
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