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2008 Board of Directors

Friends of the Tay Watershed

In September 2007, the Honourable James Bartleman, former Lieutenant Governor for Ontario, accepted the position of Honourary Patron of our association. Mr. and Mrs. Bartleman are new residents on the Little Tay in Perth.

The following slate of Board of Directors was approved at the January 2008, Annual General Meeting of the Friends of the Tay Watershed (followed by area or sector represented):

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  • Susan Brandum ~ Lower Tay River; REAL, LLGreen
  • David Crowley ~ Perth; RVCA
  • Annie Dalton ~ Perth; heritage/private sector
  • Carol Dillon ~ Tay River; Glen Tay
  • Jim Humphrey ~ Little Silver Lake
  • Karen Hunt ~ Otty Lake; Lake Network Group
  • Doug James ~ Perth
  • Barbara King ~ EcoScapes; Darren Lake
  • Gordon Munroe ~ Agriculture
  • Jim Peden ~ CGIS; Perth
  • Lynn Preston ~ Rideau Valley Conservation Authority
    Andrea Klymko ~ RVCA alternate
  • Joe Slater ~ Greater Bobs and Crow Lakes
  • Robert Sneyd ~ Centre for Sustainable Watersheds; Perth
  • Colin Stephenson ~ Tay River; Glen Tay
  • Christopher Stone ~ Upper Tay River
  • David Taylor ~ Tay River; Glen Tay

  • Ex-Officio Member
  • Matt Craig ~ RVCA; Perth

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  • Membership lists ~   Helen Park

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