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Friends of the Tay Watershed (FoTW) is a non-profit, charitable
association of residents, associations, government departments and
agencies and other organizations interested in the welfare of the
Tay River Watershed.
The "Friends" was founded to assist in carrying forward the work of the
Tay River Watershed Round Table - an informal association of government
agencies and ministries, lake associations, wildlife and environmental
organizations, and interested residents, formed to develop a management
plan for the watershed.  The management plan, to be published early in 2002,
will lay out a strategy and activities plan for ensuring the ongoing
care of the watershed and its related water resources.

What will the "Friends" do?
The primary objective of "Friends of the Tay Watershed" is to
involve landowners, users, communities, government agencies and
ministries, business and other interested parties in programs aimed at
preserving and improving the health of the Tay River Watershed.
It will carry out activities to maintain wildlife habitat, recreation, water
quality, water quantity and related resources in the Watershed.
Its activities will include such far-ranging work as public education,
studies, research, and support for the activities of other organizations with
similar interests and objectives.

Who are the members of the "Friends"?
The "Friends of the Tay Watershed" welcome any person or
organization interested in the care and maintenance of the watershed and
its associated resources.  Members include residents of the watershed of
all ages, and individuals from other areas who value and/or use the
watershed.  It includes organizations, such associations of lake and
cottage owners, and others concerned with the protection of wildlife, the
environment, recreation, shorelines, water supply, and land use.

To become a member of the "Friends of the Tay Watershed" and receive 
further information on our activities, the Tay River, its watershed, and 
our water resources, contact us at: