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Tay Watershed Image Gallery
Tay River ~ Glen Tay Area

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Glen Tay Bridge
from Tay Pond
Former Glen Tay Mill
restored as a residence
Tay River near Glen Tay
(Dr. Allan Taylor, 2004)
Canoeing down the Tay
starting at Glen Tay Pond
Running the rapids at
the bridge at Glen

Aerial Photos

Glen Tay
from South
Glenn Tay
from South-West
Glenn Tay from
West ~ Rudsdale Creek
OMYA plant near
Glenn Tay
Tay at
   Bowes Mill
Tay at
   Adams Mill
Tay at Burgess
   Trailer Park


Click here for
Streamflow Data
At Bowes Road
(PDF Chart Format)
Click here for
OMYA Water Intake Data
(PDF Chart Format)



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