Tay River, November 1999.

These pictures were taken in November 1999, when water levels in the Tay River watershed reached the lowest levels in decades, as a result of a 40% drop in precipitation during 1999. In the following spring of 2000, water levels at Bob's Lake, the primary reservoir of the Rideau Canal system, were two feet below normal, before exceptional summer rains replenished the watershed. In the summer of 2001, up to August, drought conditions have again returned to the watershed, with corresponding warnings from the conservation authorities for users to reduce their water taking. This erratic precipitation, and its impact on water supply throughout the watershed, has been the source of considerable concern for watershed stakeholders.

Water levels in Bob's Lake, the primary reservoir for the system, were two feet under normal in March 2000), and spring flow in the Tay River have apparently also peaked substantially under normal levels.