Tay River Watershed Plan

Public Meeting #1

Perth Council Chambers - Thursday Nov. 26, 1998, 7:00 p.m.


Steering Committee Members

Mike Mosher, Co-Chair
Lynn Preston, RVCA
John Miller
Cam MacLeod
Simon Lunn, Parks Canada
Mel and Carol Dillon

Clare Coney, Perth
Agnes Fleming, Perth
Gerry Fleming, Perth
Wm. MacPherson, Smiths Falls
Eric Devlin, Councillor, Perth
Ken Baker, Perth
Shirley Deacon, Councillor, BBS
Roger and Diane Nuttall, Otty Lake Association, Perth
Dorion and Edna Lamarche, Rideau Ferry
Judy Brown, Mayor, BBS
Stephanie Strachan, Perth Courier
Gord McConnell, Councillor, Drummond-North Elmsley Township
Dell Hallett, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority
Don Belfour, Perth
Elinore Nelson-Chatillon, Smiths Falls
Lowell Yorke, Perth P.U.C.
Bernie Gelineau, Greater Bobs and Crow Lakes Association
Bill and Carol Sullivan, Lanark
Steve Tennant, Perth
Helen Park, Perth
Ann Drennan, Perth
Ralph Fish, Perth
Colleen and Martina Flanagan, Perth
Roween Zielinski, Perth
Ormond Lee, Perth
Kate Bergin, Perth
W. George Clark, Perth

Special Guests:
Olivier Chatillon, General Manager, OMYA Canada Inc.
Ray McCarthy, OMYA Canada, Inc.
Dr. William Tupper, Vice Chair, Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation

1. Welcome and Introductions

Mike Mosher opened the meeting and welcomed all. Mike stressed the need for community input and commitment to such a complex, time consuming task that a watershed planning effort is. He stated that the purpose of the meeting was to let the community know what the Interim Steering Committee has been doing to date to bring the project along and that feedback re: the merits of the plan are needed from the general public. He then introduced all members of the Interim Steering Committee in attendance as well as special guests Dr. Bill Tupper of the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation and Mr. Olivier Chatillon of OMYA Canada.

During a brief presentation, Dr. Tupper accepted a cheque for $5,000 from Mr. Chatillon. The donation represents the first installment of an $85,000 commitment on behalf of OMYA towards the Tay River Watershed Planning effort. Dr. Tupper explained the difficulties faced by conservation initiatives today and explained what an extraordinary pledge (the largest in the RVCF history) and partnership this represents.

2. Background of the Tay River Watershed Plan

Mike then gave a brief account of the history of the project to date. He explained that the idea stemmed from the Perth and Community Strategic Plan which was completed in 1995. Since this time an Interim Steering Committee has met several times to move the project. He explained that Terms of Reference (DRAFT) have been struck, presentations to 3 councils have been made a web page has been initiated through the BBS page and partnerships have formed. He further stated that funding for the project has been secured from the Lanark Stewardship Council, RVCA, and OMYA and that an application for Millennium 2000 funding has been submitted.

Mike stressed that the completion of such a project can only come as a result of community effort and commitment and stressed the need for people to come forward and volunteer their time.

3. What is Watershed Planning?

Lynn Preston, Watershed Planning Manager of the RVCA then gave a brief presentation regarding what watershed planning is, its merits and why one might be engaged in the Tay Basin. She described the likely watershed planning process that will be used which will see the completion of the plan by spring of 2001.

4. What Are the Issues in the Tay River Watershed?

Lynn then engaged the group in a brainstorming session regarding what issues currently existing in the watershed (using the handout list as a starting point) that might be addressed in the watershed plan. The following are the comments heard: