Friends of the Tay Watershed    Volume 1, Issue 1     
March 2002

News Flash

The Tay River Watershed Management Plan:   The Watershed Management Plan is scheduled for publication at the end of April, 2002.  The draft plan may be viewed from the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority's website at  Copies of the Management Plan are also available at the Perth Library and Town Hall.  A meeting to inform the public is being planned for May, 2002.

Membership Meeting
November 2001
Board of Directors Meeting
February 2002
   The first membership meeting of Friends of the Tay Watershed was held in November 2001 and was attended by 43 of the 56 registered members.  David Taylor, Orion Clark, David Crowley and Cameron MacLeod were introduced as the Association's interim Board of Directors.  The interim Board agreed to serve as a nominating committee to develop a slate of candidates for the first Board of Directors (one year duration) and to establish the Association's objectives, activities and priorities.  There was a call for additional nominations for the interim Board. No additional nominations were received.

   The Association has been incorporated (non-profit status) and David Taylor provided a review of the Association's By-Laws.   Following the Membership meeting, Friends of the Tay Watershed received charitable status.

   A bank account has been established at CIBC in the name of the Association.  David Taylor, David Crowley and Orion Clark have signing authority on an interim basis, with two signatures required on each cheque.  David Taylor has been providing the accounting on an interim basis until a bookkeeper can be found.  A copy of the most recent financial statement was provided as a display on the entrance table.

   Lynn Preston (RVCA) reported that the draft of the Management Plan is being prepared and will be presented to the participants of the Round Table and Technical Advisory Committee in the next few weeks with the objective of completing and publishing the Plan in the coming spring.  (See News Flash at the top of the page for current details.)

  Nominations were received and the following acting officers were chosen:
Chair/President:   David Taylor
Vice Chair:   Carol and Mel Dillon
Treasurer:   (to be filled)

   The 2002 Board of Directors of Friends of the Tay Watershed is

Don Boyle
Susan Brandum
Sulyn Cedar
Orion Clark
David Crowley
Carol Dillon
Mel Fleming
Cathy Hamlen
Jim Humphries
Cameron MacLeod
John Miller
Roger Nuttal
Joe Slater
David Taylor
Monika Taylor
Dan Wicklum
   A Tay River website,, has been established to promote the Management Plan.  The site is being up-dated to reflect the next stages of the watershed activities, including the activities of Friends of the Tay Watershed.

Membership Meeting News Bites

   Orion Clark reported that the Federal Government has provided $40,000 for a Tay Fish Habitat Study.  The plan for this study will be ready early in 2002.  Mr. Clark also reported the Watershed Watch Program will carry out nutrient enrichment studies of six selected lakes in the watershed.

   Mike Mosher (BBS) reported that Lanark County has asked for funding from the Province for a Lanark County Groundwater Study and is awaiting a response.  The study will it will cover Lanark County as well as parts of Renfrew, Leeds-Grenville and Frontenac Counties.

   Cathy Hamlen presented her proposal to establish a Water Quality Monitoring Program of the Tay River in the Perth area.  An application for funding has been submitted to one granting agency and alternative funding opportunities are being pursued.

   Friends of the Tay Watershed now has 65 members.  We have joined the Ontario Environmental Network (OEN) to help develop a network of contacts and have access to training sessions.
   It was recommended that the Association produce 4 newsletters per year.  Cathy Hamlen will coordinate the newsletter.  To minimize printing and distribution costs, the newsletter will be distributed via email and/or the website unless postal delivery is required.

Board of Directors Recommendations

   David Taylor suggested the Association should develop a letter regarding our concerns about the Ontario Government's lack of capacity to monitor and control the environment issues facing it and our community, especially following the cutbacks in provincial funding for this sector.

   We would like to hear from you:  Watershed Announcements, Watershed Information,  Watershed Ideas.   Contact Friends of Tay Watershed at 264-0094 or send us an e-mail message at
[email protected].

   Cam MacLeod presented a draft letter to the Minister of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans expressing his concerns over the environmental screening process. The Board supports sending a letter of concern to the Minister and offered suggestions for the letter.

Other News

   The Tribunal's decision on the OMYA permit to take water from the Tay River was announced on February 19, 2002.  The decision may be viewed at  The Board of Friends of the Tay Watershed has developed a statement on the Tribunal decision, which has been sent to all members.

   Relations with other environmental organizations - We have continued our policy of establishing contact with other watershed and related organizations.  Recently we have made contact with the Ontario Environmental Organization (OEN).  Information about OEN can be found at their website,

Mark Your Calendar!

   Protecting Our Water Workshops from L.L. Green (1-877-366-6656):
       FOCUS ON WELLS - Learn about wells and protecting our water.
            April 3, 7:00 p.m.:  Burritt's Rapids Community Hall (Burritt's Rapids)
            April 4, 7:00 p.m.:  Rideau Canal Museum (Smith Falls)
       FOCUS ON WASTE WATER - Learn about septics, low-flow toilets, and greywater.
            April 17, 7:00 p.m.:  Sam Jakes Inn, Kilmarnock Room (Merrickville)
            April 18, 7:30 p.m.:  Maplewood Community Hall (Oxford Mills)

   Maple Fest is scheduled for April 27, 2002.  Friends of the Tay Watershed will have a stand at Maple Fest to inform the public about the Tay River Watershed Management Plan.

   REAL Earth Day is being held at the Smith Falls Town Hall on Saturday, May 11, 9:00 to 2:00.  Come celebrate the Bounty of Earth with a pancake breakfast, tree, plant and seed exchange, demonstrations on tree planting and pruning, workshops, etc.  Contact L.L. Green at 1-877-366-6656 for more information.

   The 2nd annual Tay River EcoFest is scheduled for Saturday June 22, 2002, at the same location (Wendy Laut and Don Hanham's property).  Organizational activities have started.

If you are able to help with Maple Fest or Eco Fest, please call us at 264-0094.

This newsletter has been distributed by e-mail to those members who have given us their e-mail address.  If you have received it by regular mail and have access to e-mail, kindly advise us of your e-mail address.