Tay Canal 175th Anniversary 2009

Mayor Fenik &
Councillor Devlin 

Friends of the Tay
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Delegates from the World Canal Conference Visit Perth

On September 16, Perth hosted a visit of about 180 delegates from the World Canals Conference 2008, organised by Parks Canada in Kingston between September 14 and 17.  Three bus loads of international visitors were met in Perth by the Town and regional officials, as part of a broader afternoon tour that included Westport and, later, Smiths Falls.

Given the scope of the afternoon tour, the stops in each location were brief.  The visitors were treated to a welcome by the Town Crier, Mayor Fenik and Deputy Mayor Wendy Laut and Council, and an introduction to the history of the area – and especially the Tay Canal – by historian Susan Code. 

The arrangements for the visit have been made by the Town of Perth, in cooperation with Parks Canada and the Tay Canal 175th Steering Committee.  That committee, developed to organise the celebration for next year’s anniversary, includes Lanark County Tourism, Perth BIA, Perth Museum, Town of Perth, Perth & District Chamber of Commerce, Perth Historical Society, Friends of the Tay Watershed, Parks Canada and residents. 

In Perth, the Conference visitors will have the opportunity view the Tay Canal and Basin, displays at the Palace by Lanark County, Town of Perth, Friends of the Tay Watershed, Foley Mountain and the Polar Plunge, and Perth Museum – and will have a short visit with the Big Ben statue and Code Park – and possibly some activity on the water.  Information packages will be provided on the history and other aspects of the region.

Steering Committee, Tay Canal 175th Anniversary 2009